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Tyrone Hicks has dedicated his life to helping others. Born and raised in New Haven, CT, he attended Clark University where he discovered his passion for coaching. Over the years, he has coached for Clark University, Seven Hills Foundation and Special Olympics, touching the lives of countless individuals.


Tyrone Hicks grew up in a rough neighborhood in New Haven, CT. Despite the challenges he faced, he was determined to make something of himself. He worked hard in school, earning good grades and developing a love of basketball. It was this love of basketball/sports that led him to Clark University. Growing up, he knew a kid from his neighborhood who had cerebral palsy. What he remembers most about this kid was that he didn’t let his disability stop him from living. And although Hicks didn’t know it at the time, the way this kid lived his life would be the basis for how he would raise his own son and what drove him to challenge the view of people with disabilities.

Tyrone Hicks

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In 1998 Hicks’ son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. As his son grew, his desire to play sports and have friends like any other kid, brought Hicks back to the memory of the kid from his neighborhood who didn’t let his disability limit him from living a full and purposeful life. As a parent of a child with a disability Hicks was deeply interested in the ways in which people with disabilities are treated and perceived by society. He wanted to do something to help change these attitudes, and so he began volunteering with organizations that worked with people with disabilities. Hicks’ desire to get his son involved in sports and exposed to social interactions led him to Seven Hills Foundation and Special Olympics, two organizations dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through sports and other activities.


For seven years, Tyrone devoted countless hours to coaching flag football for these organizations, helping to build confidence, self-esteem, and social skills in his players. He worked tirelessly to create a safe and inclusive environment for his athletes, teaching them not only the fundamentals of the game but also valuable life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance.

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Tyrone's dedication and leadership did not go unnoticed. He was recognized as Coach of the Year by the Special Olympics in 2016 and was nominated for the same award by the Seven Hills Foundation in 2018. His players and fellow coaches speak highly of him, praising his enthusiasm, patience, and ability to bring out the best in everyone he works with.


Tyrone's work with Special Olympics was truly remarkable. He spent countless hours coaching athletes, organizing ways to keep his team connected through virtual meetings during Covid and in person gatherings once Covid bans were removed, and raising funds to support the organization.


His dedication to the athletes and his commitment to their success was an inspiration to everyone who knew him. It was his dedication and commitment which led Special Olympics Massachusetts to nominate him for the Boston Celtics Heroes Among Us Award which he received in March 2022.


Over the years, Hicks has worked with athletes of all ages and, abilities, and their parents and he has seen firsthand the transformative power of sports. For many of the athletes that Hicks works with, flag football is more than just a game - it's a way to build confidence, develop social skills, and create lasting friendships.

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In addition to his coaching work, Hicks is also an advocate for disability rights and inclusion. He has spoken at conferences and events about the importance of creating more opportunities for people with disabilities, and he has worked with local and national organizations to promote awareness and understanding. Hicks' passion for inclusion is rooted in his own experiences as an African American man and father of a child with a disability. He knows firsthand the challenges that people with disabilities face in society, and he is committed to doing everything he can to make the world a more welcoming and equitable place.

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Tyrone Hicks is a remarkable individual who has made a lasting impact in his community through his work as a coach for flag football with the Seven Hills Foundation and Special Olympics. His dedication to inclusion and his passion for helping others have inspired countless athletes and coaches, and his commitment to creating a more equitable and just world is an inspiration to us all.